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Sometimes people hit rough patches in life… because life can be rough!

Relationship difficulties, divorce, loss of a loved one, death, financial worries, chronic pain, caregiver fatigue, poor sleep, retirement concerns, LGBTQI discrimination, race, ethnicity, gender, or religious discrimination, trauma, school problems, employment or employer difficulties, job loss, and career concerns—these are just a few examples of issues you might be trying to work through. At Darling Psychology, we believe that you deserve to feel safe, happy, and healthy in your life. By using integrated therapies and telehealth in Huntington Beach, California, we support you by helping you get back on track and reconnect with a sense of balance and well-being.

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Get financial benefits and time off work while you recover. We can help.

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We help you deal with life stressors.

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Mental health stigma ends with their help.

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What We Do Services We Provide

We take a modern, integrated, strength-based, and “mental health first” approach in providing mental health care.

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We provide top-notch treatment and assistance to individuals diagnosed with this condition.

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We provide superior treatments designed to neutralize anxiety and worry.

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We know what steps to take to help you get control of panic.

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PTSD and Trauma

We treat PTSD with frontline interventions.

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