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Who We Are: Darling Psychology is a leader in providing mental health services and telehealth in California for stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and PTSD stemming from a variety of life’s setbacks, rough patches, and challenges. We take the view that mental health is just as important as physical health and give you the space and time you need to put your mental health first.

What We Do: We are experts in using integrated, strength-based treatments to help you through whatever difficulty you are experiencing. We focus on the complete person by taking a biopsychosocial or whole-person approach. We identify what is already working for you and build on that. Most importantly, we help you put your treatment first by giving you time off work while you recover and by helping you navigate California Short-Term Disability filing and human resources paperwork.

Mission: Our mission is to deliver top-quality mental health services while giving you the space and time you need to heal. We strive to help you through emotional difficulties like anxiety, depression, grief, and PTSD and restore a sense of stability, security, and peace of mind.

Vision: Our vision is to make mental health treatment just as important as physical health treatment. We do this by recognizing that people struggle with mental health issues every day, and early treatment and intervention are best. We also do this by putting mental health first by taking you off work so you can focus on your treatment. And we take the stress out of the process by helping you navigate the paperwork and filing through the California EDD department and your human resources paperwork.